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Found 29 results

  1. Hi everyone! Quick question since I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Does Commerce offer auto-renewal of subscriptions for members? I know that you can have renewal for subscriptions but I'm wondering if there's a way to auto-renew if the member has a card on file so that they're not being sent an invoice every month? Obviously if they want to cancel their subscription they will be able to do so. Also, once a person's payment for registration has been approved, will it automatically place paying members to a group that allows them access to the forums, content, etc? So that they don't have to wait around for administration to grant them access once they've paid. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I have a question. Can I do that: Pages install on domainA.com, other apps (board, store, blog) install on domainB.com, next when user logged in on domainA.com is automatically logged in domainB.com? And next on domainB.com I want to sell premium account (subscribtion via Store and after purchase user changed group). When user buys premium account on domainB.com and gets group X is any possible to user have the same permission on domainA.com?
  3. Quality of Life Improvement (QoLI) It would be nice to have a setting that if your paying by a means that don't need a physical address to have the option to turn this off and move on. If the setting is not there than some users don't have to worry about it, also some people don't want to put it there. But of course this option should be allow to be the owner of the board. Some people want it some people don't. There was a talk about it someone where else but the option to allow it is something to at least be allow to be choose by the owners and such. For example I use Paypal and don't need are want my user to put their address in as I don't need them to. Some don't want to so hidden it will even work. If not turning it off maybe a option to allow to hide it like a collapse will even work and may be more simply(er) to code. But this post is not for the right are wrong for each Admin to have for taxes reason but to allow the option for the owner to choose.
  4. Hi Guys, In Germany, the disclosure of VAT is prescribed by law! Currently, this is not mentioned at all in the purchase process of a gift-cards and corresponding settings I can't find. This should be provided. Or did I miss something? Thanks in advance, Thomas
  5. AtlantisRO

    IP.Nexus Support Module

    Hello. I wanna know if the Support Module of IP.Nexus (Commerce) will be sold separately or need purchase all IP.Nexus? I only need the Ticket System. I try the demo and seems ok but when i cilick on Customer name to see and edit the profile show info like "TOTAL SPENT (USD)", "Primary Billing Address", "Puchase", "invoice", "items", "account credit", etc. that i dont need cause i dont sell i just need the ticket system for support. I Applications i disable all "Store, Billing and Purchase", and "Referrals" but stil that info are show. I can use the system like that but i need to ask if there is a Ticket System alone. Also, i need to know before purchase if the Staff members need to login to the adminCP to answer tickets (Suport Request) and if can restrict the options in the AdminCP for them, cause give to many Staff members access to AdminCP can be insecure right? Regards.
  6. For example, I want to provide 50% discount for all products in the shop, or I want to increase the price up to 50% for the products in a particular category of products. How is it possible to do this at once for the group of products without editing every product one by one?
  7. ZakRhyno


    I would be nice to see server load and what admin are online via the main ACP front page like in the version of IPB 3 series. It would be nice to have it in the IPB 4 series.
  8. EmpireKickass

    Membership ideas

    I'm still putting things together, I haven't thought of the two name Groups yet, so any ideas. This is what I have so fair below, Anymore ideas to add? anything in the marketplace, like point system So help out with ideas
  9. Hello, I think the Nexus does not support PayPal Sandbox. I think it is necessary. When I try to add at the end, it was not supported. Can the added support of the PayPal Sandbox, or is there a reason for this? Best Regards
  10. As far as I can tell, in the "renew" , "manage purchases" & "download" screens there are no links leading back to the original file in the market place. Why have one? Because I want to go read the original description, find the support thread, see dates of updates etc. Without a link I have to back out and search for it. (hard) The original marketplace location is somewhat like the "profile" page for the item. no link to it Please add????
  11. Auto revoking a users invoice / transaction when they initiate a chargeback. Currently having to do this manually.
  12. RPG-support


    Seams to be that the next step in the Commerce application development should the option of allowing the Members group to add products from the site's public side. It will allow to create communities of people desiring to sell something (paintings, crafts, etc.) and will provide new people here as new IPS customers. New people will provide new ideas for the Commerce which will help to make Commerce attractive to buyers.
  13. It would be nice if we could make sub departments as to have as example. Marketing -> Graphics ( forum) Website (forum) So they can select marketing then select the correct department and sub department and that dept be alerted properly.
  14. Quality of Life Improvement - QoLI I use a script in the old Nexus to allow to have auto open ticket run when a user buys a certain product. This setting below is something close to what I was looking for, but having the option to allow auto open ticket with a preset message would be a nice addon feature. This allow owners with this need to have it. As Nexus is use for selling different stuff online even digital it just fill another way that seller can interacted with their customer base and needs.
  15. ruairimaco


    Hi, We would like to use SagePay to process payments and the current module appears to be 99% functional. Are there any plans to support this in the future? Thanks
  16. Hi Guys, I see there is beeing done allot to the updating on the IPS 4. But is there not a way u guys can make upgrade packages... that we only upgrade the files to our board with the files that is been modifyd and not all files. Or you guys modify so much files that the whole upgrade/install package need to be uploaded to the server....
  17. I don't know if you know the site https://gumroad.com/, but I'm going to use it as an example of what I would like to have as an option for files in the suite. In that site you are allowed to specify a minimum purchase price for your products. So lets say that I put something for sale at a minimum price of $5, people can buy it for that amount, or they can pay more if they wish. Now, what's more interesting here is that you can set free files, setting the minimum price to 0, but people can still choose to give you some money for it, kind of like a tip. This is one of my products: People can input 0 in the box and get the file right away, or they can input whatever amount they feel like. I'm not gonna reveal any numbers, but this system kinda works, people tips more than I expected for free files.
  18. . Can there please be a change in displaying "FREE" instead of 0.00 USD (or other currency) in store products & in downloads with associated store products .. In Downloads there is already a choice to set it to "FREE" .. why not do an effort to get things right in store .. And yes the purchase price can be 0.00 USD but a renewal can be set .. So before "FREE" is valid .. please IF THEN ELSE = no renewals It is just a display feature .. .
  19. I think best idea special Button "Add new product" in Store main window. This button shown only for sellers.
  20. Quality of Life Improvement (QoLI) It would be nice to have a way to see what it configure and turn on in each area. In the 3 series, there was a little green mark are green wording that told the user that this was a feature that enabled are not. This feature would be good to have next to the name are to the right are just to show what is off and on without going into it each Gateway and checking it.
  21. In Nexus it would show all the support tickets in order of date, how can I set the default view for decending dates? It's somewhat annoying that I have to keep clicking the order tab to set the first page to the newest ticket. Also, can we have a mass selection/tick box so we can highlight a range of messages and set them to any of the follow options; resolved/open/closed etc. One more option that is troubling me is that I use to have all the options highlighted (statues), but if I had a new ticket it would only show (1) ticket is open, now when I highlight the options it tells me I have over 250 tickets, both in ACP and on the commerce sidebar block. It should only tell me a number if a new ticket is open or it's been replied to, I don't need it telling me how many tickets I have in the system.
  22. Hello, Something many of my users requested was being able to purchase things on my marketplace with BTC and stripe already allows the accepting of BTC but currently it is unsupported with Invision Power Boards Payment gateway for stripe. I think this would be a great addition to the Market place allowing BTC to be processed as-well as something that provides more options for store owners to allow multiple processing methods. With BTC on the rise and crypto currencies being used more and more this would definitely help IPB become more updated with the future moving forward. Thanks, Josh
  23. Hi. I'm using IPS as a gallery site (lensburner.com). It's a huge part of my community. I've recently begun to speculate about users being able to sell their photos that they upload. I bought the Nexus app with high hopes that it could handle such a feature but what a big disappointment it was. The only big part it added (from a user point of view) was the ability to add purchase option to the download app. Will you offer better integration in the future between commerce and rest of the apps? I'm thinking about the ability to add coupons, sales and so on and maybe a way to sell photos directly from the gallery app instead of adding every single photo again in the downloads app. It takes up unnecessary hosting space and traffic. Or maybe a way to sell downloads from the commerce section. There's no way to link a product inside the commerce app. Thankful for feedback about future plans of the commerce and shop part of IPS.
  24. ZackL

    Donation Goals

    The goals in the donation feature of Commerce (IPS4) seems poorly implemented. I don't know if it's unfinished or what. My first suggestion is to incorporate an option to reset goals on any interval (default to monthly if a goal is recurring) and a date field for when the goal should reset. My second suggestion is an option when making/editing a goal to hide the goal when it's been reached and/or implement a publish/expire date system like Board has for topics in the moderator options. I'm an admin on a gaming community and I'm looking to automate a couple mundane things like resetting these goals each month..
  25. It seems bonkers that the commerce cart still isn't available for Downloads. Every digital downloads system out there has a cart except IPS. Also, Sales stat's only shows the sales from the store, not Downloads. I'd like to see all transactions reflected in the graphs. Thanks for considering these points.