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Content/Users awaiting approval: A question

Izaya Orihara

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Some advice needed!

There is one thing about IPB4 that greatly concerns me and I was hoping to inquire to see if you can help me figure this out. It's been awhile since we used 3.X but the last I remembered when there were reported or approved posts, there was like a little icon at the top of the forum that let you know something was reported.


As well as there were a notification that was clearly stated that told you when there were unapproved posts....


However on IPb4.x I don't see any of these visual indicators? How exactly are we supposed to know when there are unapproved posts or reported contented?

I only notice usually because of the new posts mod we have installed but that isn't exactly ideal.


Also even more important...users awaiting approval. I notice this doesn't alert me.

I only ever noticed the users like hours if not days later when I log into the ACP and happen to hit the members tab.


Is there a better way to be notified instantly when there are users awaiting approval?

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