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Freshly installed forum + import from old database


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I got some issues since the update from 4.0.X to my 4.1.X Suite.
Basically I think some files as well as the database are corrupted. In order to fix that i came to the conclusion to freshly install the forum.

For keeping the data I would like to import the least required fields and simple copy them over, which would that be?

I'm only interested into keeping the members and all associated fields, and the whole forum + posts.
I don't need pages, gallery, blogs or nexus to be taken over and copied.


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22 hours ago, Gary_J_Wright said:

I'm unsure of the tables (some are easy to figure and drop - some are not!) for the data base and would love IPS to answer what tables to keep for members, posts, forum structure etc

I managed it in the following way:

At ACP -> Members there is an option to export members, use this to transfer members.
Take care, twitter, google, facebook or custom login handler sometimes does not provide emails or display names (which will result at an import with the rejection for that members), which is a disaster when you work with forum member id's like i do, before exporting, run queries through the database to fill this fields out with placeholders. Sad to see that this patch is only half worked and not thought till the last point. If im not wrong, IPS Connect also works with member ids, which can result in a huge mess. After the import you can remove the placeholders. Also when you have custom login handlers, you need to tick the import of the custom handler ids. Else members that oauthed with facebook will be messed in the end. If the email is taken they cannot oauth again because the email is taken!!

As next point before importing make sure you have installed all the member table manipulated plugins, if the amount does not match to the new table, the import is failing. (This means also to enable the custom login handler)

Since I only have 8 custom groups and there only 20 people in, i decided to recreate them instead of transfering the database. At the import the members where put automatically in the new group (maybe because name check? I don't know...)

Then i just copied the whole forums_* tables, which provide each required info.

At the end i retranslated all my forums, the translations and texts are also saved in the database.

The last point is to set group permissions for forums, no one has at that point access to any forums, so for the short period no one will be able to see sensible forums. After setting back permissions you are done.

The last point would be to copy the uploads/monthly_* folder into the new uploads/ folder, with that way i have imported the most important cases.

I hope that helps if someone else tries that.


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I have sorted out that its mandatory to import the member_id's as well. In case you don't want to have a mixed users on the forum posts.

Took me some time to understand this, since the insert is chronological and actually shouldn't mess the insert id's, but it seems like it did :p 

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