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Upgrade From nulled to legit version.


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Hi there,

Last week i started my own forum with a nulled version, me and the members are so happy with ipboard that we decided to buy the software here from Invision power.

But now is my question i already got 430 members and i already got 386 messages.. and i do not want to lose this..

I know i should not have started with this nulled version but i first wanted to now how it whas, but i do not want to lose everything..

Is there a way to install all the bought sofware and not to lose my mebers and topics, downloads and gallery photos?

I bought,  IP.Board, IP.Content, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads, and IP.Calendar.

I hope that someone can help me with this. 

Kind Regards, Richard (sorry for my english hope someone will understand :) ) 




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Hi Revenge,

First of all thank you for your reply. 

So i understand, i remove all my apps that i do not have the marketplace, and just leave IP.Board, IP.Content, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads, and IP.Calendar in my server.

Then i upload the real software from ips en replace it, go to acp and put license key in. The nulled version is 3.4.6 that i bought is 3.4.8 do i need to perform first an upgrade first?

And if i do so all the members, topics and photos will stay on the forum?

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