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try to disable rewrite and test if work without it!

after of this, if is ok, check to reenable or take a look to htaccess.


in ipb 4.1 series, under pages > advanced > exist also a new setting for custom error page (try to check this), and a new file in root directory (404error.php - teorically for 404 error, but i don't have found a way to use/active)...


i hope u can fix!

regards :)


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8 minutes ago, Analogged said:

I'm running into this exact issue because of a missing .htaccess file. Where is the htaccess file located ? I just downloaded IPB4 and there doesn't appear to be one included, is it somewhere in the ACP ?



It isn't there to start with. It get created during installation if needed based on your settings. Otherwise when you change certain rewrite/friendly urls in the ACP it'll tell you something needs to be written to .htaccess


Basically create a blank .htaccess file and upload it to your root IPS directory and give it permission to be written to, then in your ACP reset the friendly rewrite urls again and it should write the correct stuff into the .htaccess file automatically.

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29 minutes ago, Analogged said:

Where is the ACP can i enable / disable friendly URLs ? When i go to Advanced Configuration --> Friendly URLs i don;t see any options it just lists my current URLs.

System -> Site Promotion -> Search Engine Optimization



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