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moderating changes to user profiles?


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Hi there.  I would really like an easy way to know when/if user profiles had been edited by their authors.  For both custom profile fields and anything preexistent (like photo) already there as well, anything on there.  I was hoping to actually moderate the changes, in that the user could go ahead and make them, but they wouldn't go "live" for other users until approved.

(that was the HOPE, anyway)

I'm noticing in the latest version that there are a lot of options to hold the "content" of various members by group or individually, etc., for moderation, and examples given include forum posts.

I'm also noticing in the ACP under System > Settings > Posting there are settings for "Edit Log," one setting being "log all edits made to content and what was changed."  So first, I can't tell if changes made by a user to anything on their profile counts as "content?"  If and only if a change to a profile field counts as "content," and I select "log all edits made to content . . ." then I guess looking at the Edit Log would be one way to at least give yourself a "heads up" that a change to a profile had occurred?

But I was really hoping for a way to moderate the changes, meaning, if not approved, they don't go live, similar to the options that seem readily available for forum posts.  

So is this already actually possible somehow, and I'm not really seeing how?  Or if not . . . is there any relatively easy modification that could make it so?


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