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pinned topics in "bulk?"


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Hi there.  I'm going to have a board with a lot of individual forums.  This is necessary because there's probably going to be one forum each for a list of cities that is rather long.

I like the pinned topics here in this forum, and I want to put a similar "read me" with suggestions at the top of all my forums.  But the text would be the same for each.  Is there some more handy way to place the same pinned topic at the top of all of them, in such a manner that they could all be edited at the same time, in one swell foop?  You know, without having to do each and every one manually.  

I'm asking not so much for the initial installation, but if I want to edit them in the future, I'm looking for some sort of way that task won't be so odious and involve 10,000 clicks, that sort of thing.

There seem to be some things available in the Marketplace where you can install hooks or plugins or what have you to create announcements and/or other messages at the tops of forums.  That's a good idea in a general sense, but for my forums, I really didn't want to create an additional huge item in the overall template of the thing, I really just wanted a pinned topic up at the top of each.  I like that built-in feature as is, I just wanted to automate it a bit more.  

What is the most clever way to do this?  Or . . . something extremely similar?  A way that's built-in to the existing features, or something easy?  (No, I don't want to hire a developer for this.)

I've been trying to do searches for this, and I'm not coming up with much, but it really seems like the sort of thing that should be possible, so I'm thinking I'm just missing something or being insufficiently creative here.

Anybody? :)

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