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IPSDebug in 4.x?


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Thanks for the quick reply.

However, the main purpose is to help me write a custom license key generator in commerce... and with  IPSDebug::addLogMessage  I was able to add array($some_array1, $some_array2) which allowed me to figure out the content of some arrays and access their data.

Is there such a thing in 4.x.  If not how can we get the structure of say \IPS\nexus\Purchase and \IPS\Member objects?

EDIT: Where is 'filename' located in 4.x?

Thanks again,


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I'm bumping this.

I need either documentation OR a way to output $arrays or $objects in 4.x with 

\IPS\Log::i( LOG_DEBUG )->write( "My debug message", 'filename' );

as it was possible in 3.4.x

IPSDebug::addLogMessage('some_message_here', 'some_filename_here', array($some_array1, $some_array2),true); 

It is very difficult to write code without knowing the data you have access to.  In fact it is almost impossible.  ISPDebug in 3.4.x allowed us to output array content and from that we could easily navigate through the array and use the data we needed if our custom code.

Thank you

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