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I would suggest how about.

TAKING YOUR BLOODY TIME WITH IT AND RELEASE A PROPER RELEASE. Instead of releasing 2 or 3 every month how about actually finishing it and releasing a proper release, Like seriously. I designed a theme for myself on IPS 4.0.10 or 11 and then it got destroyed when i upgraded to 4.0.13 and had to make it again.

Now your about to release IPS 4.1, obviously since the community is running it. That's gonna need a completely new theme too.

Like seriously. Take your f$# time and release something worth releasing other than bug fixes, security fixes and an enhancement or two. Like really. Do it properly. Getting really sick of this.


So, in other words.

Build the suite with everything you guys have planned. Features, fixes, etc. and then release it when it's COMPLETELY finished and then do bug fixes / security fixes as there are reports. I mean do security fixes either way but don't make a whole new release out of it. Just do a patch until a proper, stable version is ready for release.

I think we would all be happy that way.

We've waited years for IPS4, and now it's so unstable with 2 - 3 releases a month it's almost not worth it. The whole reason i bought another license was for IPS4 and it's kind of a piss off that there's so many releases so often and the fact that some of them break the forum is ridiculous.


So, TAKE YOUR TIME. Would be nice.

Not like anyone's gonna stop using IPB just because you take your time to do a proper release...

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