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Gallery 4.x - Category Sort Order

The Old Man

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I've tried searching to no effect. After upgrading to IPS4.0.9.2, I've just realised that all of the my gallery category photos are in reverse order to how I used to have them.

For example, a category of photos of a carnival parade, the end of the parade show first, with the start of the parade on the last page of images.

Visitors to my site can obviously change the sort order, but I want to set it correctly so they don't have to.

In AdminCP it says Default Sort Order: Recently Updated, but there is no longer any sort option eg A-Z, Z-A etc

Has this been removed? If so, why would IPS do this in a Gallery, where setting the control over what order you need to display the images as administrator is surely a basic feature?

Many thanks.

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