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Profanity filter should be able to parse BB code


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As of right now, the profanity filter is unable to turn a word to a word that has BB code.


For example, if you wanted to turn the word "candle" and have it appear as "candle" (bold, underline, italic) this would not be possible.


That example alone would not be used by many, however what I was hoping to actually do was be able to turn certain words into URLs. So if someone said (for example) "My favorite search engine is Google" I'd like to be able to have "Google" appear as a URL ( "My favorite search engine is Google")

Having the word "Google" be replaced with


Only prints the BB code into the forum post instead of parsing it. (Same with other BB code) If you use HTML instead, it will also just print the HTML instead of parsing it.


IPB Support told me the filter isn't supposed to work this way and to post here if I wanted assistance with it. Hoping someone can help me get it working properly.





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