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Can you go into this in more detail?  

You go to your profile, and you see a big green box with your community reputation ..  isn't that your 'overall' reputation?  

This is my overall reputation: https://community.invisionpower.com/profile/535658-gabriels/reputation/

If you look at the sidebar you can see my reputation page is filtered by profile comments immediately. Underneath I can search by posts, blogs, and various different areas of the website.

In my opinion, the first filter on the sidebar shouldn't be specific to any one section. It should simply show you all of the reputation accumulated from everywhere on the website. That way you don't have to go through each filter to see where your latest 'like' came from. You could use the sidebar to search specifically section by section, if you wanted to, but as soon as you view the page, you should be able to see an overview of all the 'likes' you have received – kind of like how the View New Content page shows you everything new on the site in one go and saves you going through each section of the forum looking for new posts.

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This is a little confusing to me as well, defaulting to all reputation would be ideal, or at least a way to choose a default filter. I think most may not even notice the filters. Example if you click the reputation next to my avatar here, it will say "There's nothing here yet", even though I have a few reputation points...it defaults to profile comments.  ^_^

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