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  1. After upgrading to the latest version it appears as though the option to purchase gift cards was removed from the Commerce sidebar. I understand that we can add this as a menu item, however I think it would be ideal if we could add this back to the Store view somehow, and perhaps as a product itself. Customers could then easily locate the gift card page to purchase gift cards or even become aware of their existence. As things are now they are a bit hidden.
  2. Hi @Mark to confirm, after upgrading when billing agreements are already setup for the community: 1) Existing billing agreements will continue working as is. 2) New customers will continue to be able to check out using PayPal billing agreements / create new billing agreements if no changes are made in the ACP to switch to Braintree? Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Could this loading behavior also be causing a duplicate content concern for SEO?
  4. Exciting improvements! One additional possible blog improvement to put out there and suggest is on the main blog page with the loading behavior. When a reader browses to the main blog page, instead of loading a preview of each blog post the system appears to fully load every single post, then "hides" the full content from view. This is very slow and takes a long time - for instance if you have 5 images in each blog post and 10 blog posts on a page, the browser is loading 50 images at once. In addition to speed I'm sure this isn't the best for SEO.
  5. May have to buy this one, thanks @motomac ! Would prefer that it only apply to the forum though, if it went back and changed the way existing articles on other parts of the suite looked it could potentially take some clean up time. Not sure if that would be the case though. For some reason around 75% of posts come though with many of these extra paragraphs from what we're seeing and all have to be manually edited constantly. I'm not sure why it's happening with the WYSIWYG editor here but regardless it must be intuitive to add these extra returns for many members.
  6. An option to set this as default would be really beneficial for communities and could always be turned off by each member if needed. There was previously an option to set this in the ACP that didn't seem to produce the desired effect, but it appears that the option itself was removed with 4.1.
  7. I would agree that many members somehow inadvertently add the spacing and a high percentage of posts and quotes need to be manually edited on a daily basis to remove the gaps - sometimes many lines.
  8. Found a workaround for now - by disabling all use of the second level navigation bar, you are able to navigate the menu using one click.
  9. Just gave 4.1.2 a quick test run, some great new and long-awaited features for sure that are really exciting, but at a bit of an impasse on the new menu system. While the interface for creating the menu is great, from what I'm seeing, if you have even just one menu item that has a drop down menu or a child, all menu items, whether they have a drop down or not, now require a double click to work. The first click oddly highlights the tab, but it takes a second click to actually change the page or app. If all drop downs / children are removed, then the menu works like one would expect. (Sing
  10. This is a little confusing to me as well, defaulting to all reputation would be ideal, or at least a way to choose a default filter. I think most may not even notice the filters. Example if you click the reputation next to my avatar here, it will say "There's nothing here yet", even though I have a few reputation points...it defaults to profile comments.
  11. Hello, From what I'm seeing after working on the Pages and Blog Apps, there's no way to add these types of image tags other than manually. Looks like an alt tag is automatically added based upon the thumbnail name that is created, but having the ability to add custom title and alt tags by perhaps double clicking the image would be really convenient for SEO purposes. Additionally, the option to set any links to open in the same or new window would be highly useful in my opinion, right now it seems that all of the above has to be added in source mode after adding the image, and many times the e
  12. Appreciate the input Ralf, sounds quite similar to our situation and how we plan to utilize the product.
  13. Hello, Recently determined that there doesn't seem to be a way to hide certain members / member groups from the search results on IPS4, I think this could be a nice feature to have both for privacy concerns (paid membership data, possible full names, etc.) as well as security (admin account data). Anyone else feel like this might be a good feature to have? Thanks!
  14. Having the highlight on custom menu items utilizing a URL, and / or having the ability to arrange menu items independently of the application would be really nice.
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