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Re-order urls in navbar and a handful of other questions


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I've added to custom links to the navbar by following this post: https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/405526-custom-link/#comment-2515095

Though is there anyway to specific in which order they should display, right now they are last on the list.

And has anyone been successful with using a auto signature in the posting area on IPS 4x?

This is what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/r6AY8Ja.png (a image is visible in the posting area, see the Blade & Soul part).

It goes on top of the background so to speak, but ever present when writing a PM or making a post.

Furthermore I'd like to know how to create profile fields that shows up (and must be filled out upon registration) when a user makes a post or in their profile itself.

It would go where post count, member #, join date usually are to be seen.


One last thing I'd like to know if the Block Manager's tab can be moved from the default left-hand side to say bottom-right of the layout.

The thing that controls the widgets, I don't like the position and find it a bit intrusive if not distracting.


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