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currently this is how things look when you are in a topic and you might want to reply to it.


click it and add your reply, sure no problem if it opens fully for you.

this should be open by default like the fast reply used to be.


now sometimes the box does not fully open at all this happens.



this is so annoying, I want to reply to the topic and now can't because there is no place to enter any text and you cant see anything you might type, if the box was just open by default then this issue would go away.

now I have another part related to this as well, in 3.4.x you could reply to the topic all you wanted and the page would stay on the last page that loaded, now in 4.0 once you reach the post count limit per page a new page is made and it takes you to it and you start this process all over again with the reply box. This issue could also be mute if the reply box was fully open by default.

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I fought this (no text input area in editor) for an hour today. Then I noticed the edit box appeared normally in Safari and Chrome, just not in Firefox. I disabled a ton of Firefox add-ons and it worked. I added them back one by one until I found that __ for me __ it was an add-on called It's all text that I'd been using for years. I can toggle the behavior on and off by toggling that add-on on and off. 

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shouldn't matter what browser I use, If its an issue in any of them then the issue should be fixed so it doesn't happen at all.


I don't use and I don't have other browsers installed as I like how I can customize Firefox and I don't have a use for other browsers.

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Yes the default major browsers should work but IPS cannot account for custom addons, firewalls etc on computers and things. There are things that will cause issues and unfortunately you can't expect anyone to work around every possible addon especially if it's a user specific issue that has nothing to do with the software itself but the behavior of the browser itself. I agree with @bradl that maybe a little tech support may be needed so it can be better determined WHAT the issue is so if it is an issue with the software they can determine what it is and fix it.

For example, I had a user that was having a difficult time with this same thing and it ended up being their cached files on their computer and nothing to do with the software, or my site. They were the only user to have reported the issue and as soon as they cleared their cache (CTRL+F5 wasn't doing it) their problem was fixed and all was well with the world.

On top of that, the reason that the box is not open by default is for speed of load. If it were open by default than it would have to load the entire ckeditor every time a page loads with an editor (which is actually what is hanging). That would slow down server response times and webpage load times which, at least for me, has significantly improved with this.

Additionally, I do not have the problem you are describing so I don't think it's a bug.


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