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As I'm developing some of my site to grow into a lot of the features on IPB4 I find there are IP.Content and default blocks that are significantly lacking. Specifically the below features:

Random (Please return it, I really don't want to do the PHP to pull a random feed if I can help it, it was amazing to have that option in the "order by" previously.

Featured Content - Right now the only block that you can build using the "featured" filter is for the forums even though you can feature content throughout the site, it would be awesome if this was universal across all platforms that have featured abilities. For example, the featured Downloads block already exists but only on the main Downloads page, it would be nice if that was ported to be able to be implemented anywhere. This can be said for any other IPS app that isn't a custom database.

Image slider - It existed in the previous version, even had an IP Content block that worked with this and that feature is gone even though sliders are available (example downloads....)

Ability to customize content feeds - You have it functioning for Topics but no other app has the ability to filter this, I think this sort of goes in hand with featured.


Currently I'm working on a page that is "What's new at DF" or my site as it were where it's just a slew of featured content and recent topics from around my site on a single page. It would really be awesome if it were native rather than building custom content blocks. These feeds aren't even available in IP.Content to filter through else I wouldn't even be posting this.

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