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IPS Hosted Client - Accidentally deleted files from FTP server, but no way to download IPS files as a hosted client? Site broken!


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Hey all, just hoping I might be able to find some ideas here.

I started the update process to 4.0.6 on my hosted IPS install. I have access to my FTP server and uploaded the changed files that way. In my stupid haste, I accidentally deleted the entire /upgrade/ folder inside of admin.

I figured I could fix this simply by reuploading the upgrade folder in the correct place, until I realize I don't have all of the files that I just deleted, only the updated files for the upgrade.

To my surprise, there's nowhere for me to download the IPS files to fix this. I guess as a hosted client, I don't have that access, which is a bit crazy to me.

All of my data was still test data, I don't have a site launched, so I wasn't making backups yet. I have a request in to support to help fix this, but they seem a bit confused why I would need this fixed, even though my site is unusable.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help. :)

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