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Restore Emoticons


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It seems to be a common issue that Emoticons don't migrate along with the upgrade to 4.x Not a huge deal but is there a way to simply restore the default IPB icons? I have two sets there are all dead, I have no issue deleting them but I'd like to at least have the default set running (which I can't seem to find anywhere) 

Even using 


Results in a missing image file. 



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On my system a set of 'default_*' images were found in '/public_html/forums/uploads/' these have been copied into '/public_html/forums/uploads/emoticons/' and seem to have fixed the immediate concerns.

​Did the emoticons continue to display in old posts when you copied the 'default_*' emoticon files to the emoticon subfolder?

I have this problem on one site running IPS The default_* ones are located in the root of uploads, when they should be in the emoticons subfolder. I'm not sure if it's safe for me to copy or move them. But it seems that version 4.0.7 has some improvements for this.

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