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Life after upgrade IPS 3.4.8 to


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Upgrade done yesterday :)


 Some advice about repair database.

Emoticons (copy old to /uploads/emoticons/ and renamed to default_smile.gif
After in base:

UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, 'src=\"emoticons/', 'src=\"/emoticons/');

Images in posts:

UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, '<a href=\"monthly_', '<a class=\"ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image\" href=\"/monthly_');
UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, '<img src="monthly_', '<img class=\"ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed\" src=\"/monthly_');

Link in posts (actually for non-EN)

UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, '/index.php/topic/4646-etot-bezumnyj-bezumnyj-bezumnyj-bezumnyj-mir-e/', '/topic/4646-этот-безумный-безумный-безумный-безумный-мир-экономики-новости-аналитика-прогнозы-обсуждения/');


Have reported problems:

- Errors with login for  members used non-English  login.
- Where options for user session time?
- Several clients reported about problems with Personal Messages.


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