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RC5 Can t see my own profile as admin


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Apparently I can t see other admins too with an EXO error which I guess is a permission error

I looked at the Profiles permissions and admins are allowed to view profiles

Just spent an hour checking all permissions for everything everywhere for admins and I am going mad trying to find why the hell I can t see admins profiles. I can see members profiles fine and when I mouse over my icon next to my name I see my banner. Status updates also seem to error out

No idea how I may have turned off that, the only thing I can think of is I misclicked the copy icon while looking at the admin group, that duplicated the group but I deleted the duplicate which did not have any admins in it (so I know I did not delete the original admin group)

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Well this is not a production version so i don t want to bother support with it...this was more to see if anybody had an idea what may have gone wrong

I even looked into the tables of the database and into the members and groups tables and can t find where it has permissions for viewing the profiles...which in the ACP is under application > system > profiles

I even gave guests access to profiles, logged out and voila I could see the admin profile as an guest. So logged back in and bam EXO



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Yeah everything was perfect and working fine, did updates to my profile etc

Until the time I duplicated the administrators group by mistake and immediately deleted the copy none of the admins can see their profiles

Not that it is an issue since this is a test before release but before I report it as a bug I d like to document it and see if anybody has seen this

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