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A BIG Thanks


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I just want to say what a great job the IPS team are doing at the moment. Not only are you always here on the forums interacting with people, but you have always been very, very, very speedy when I have requested support lately. Since updgrading to the RC I have had so many support tickets & the team have responded within a few hours usually for each, they have also fixed any issues in future RC releases & applied temporary fixes for anything major.

As someone who doesn't know much about software development etc. You have made my life a lot easier by providing so much help and assistance. At times I feel like I have overwhelmed you with RC issues, but then you come back with friendly responses & go check it up in greater detail or ask me for additional information to try and understand the problems to prevent them in future releases.

I as many others here probably do, really appreciate all the work and effort you are putting in. Not only to provide support & assistance, replying to the community on a personal level, but also for improving the current product & releasing so many updates.

Thank you!

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