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How do I duplicate the IPS4 feature plan?


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Having this data from above post .. and using the XML brings me a new database, fields, templates, ..

Creating an extra page, like articles.html (default with new IPS install) and using the menu for selecting that new page (in my case I named it features.html) ..

Creating some extra test records to fill the database ..

and in the end .. I get a black page .. Although my features.html new page is same as Articles.html, with another database of course ..

I should to have at least headings and footer basic page stuff visible .. but nada .. also browser page info doesn't give any source code ..


so .. How do I ........ ?


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Finally .. got it .. the XML from @Charles didn't do the trick, I'm not sure, but I had a Status Database Template in there, and it gave probably an issue with it.

Although it renamed itself to Status 2 & Status 3 for the second try ..

categoryHeader, categoryTable, recordRow where all missing when I import the XML .. Dumped the XML and I started with New > Database Template > Record Listing (Template Type) .. it gave me all those default IPS files ..

Changed everything from there ..

Also New > CSS file .. and activated this in Pages > "Page Include" ..





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