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Queued Actons?

Ocean West

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are all ACP actions queued up and then executed once the cron task gets around to do them - are there no immediate actions?

I had done something then decided i didn't like it and then deleted the action however the item got a tag moving/deleting and its removal wasn't immediate.

I had to wait for a slew of other tasks to finish. 

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From what I've seen. The background tasks are not done sequentially. They are pulled randomly between any other tasks with their same priority so a task with a couple actions to perform is going to progress (statistically), at the same progress rate as another task which has 30,000 actions to perform.

Also, have you set up cron on your site? Because otherwise it relies on page visits to trigger the tasks to run, and then only if the page visit is from a logged in user. If you have a test site which only gets used by you, nothing will happen in between your visits.

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