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Emoticons not shown after upgrade

Morpheus NS

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I made a backup of my 3.4.6 installation and successfully upgraded it to 4.0.0 beta 8 on my localhost (MAMP). Everything seems to be running fine, but old emoticons are not shown as images.


If I write a new post or edit an old one, they are shown correctly. Is this a bug? Upgrade went fine, no errors at all. All background processes are finished.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.40.39 PM.png

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Did you change any paths ? What I mean is, was the 347 copy working properly before you upgraded ?

You can right click or view the page source of the broken post to see the URL where it is trying to load the awol emoticon from, that's what I'd do for a first step.

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I changed paths while setting up 3.4.6 on localhost, as far as I remember all images were shown correctly before upgrade (I really cannot be 100% sure at this point). 

Literally as soon as I click on edit and click inside the post, emoticon magically appears. Before that page source doesn't look for an image at all, after that it shows correct location.

A little experiment - I changed storage method for emoticons to database to see what happens. For now I can see that emoticons are deleted from Uploads folder, where they were placed previously.


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.00.41 AM.png

The same situation as before, no image until I start editing the post. If there are four emoticons in the post, I have to click (just click, nothing more) four times.

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