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  1. I think you should open a ticket, there was exactly the same problem after an upgrade process on my site, support successfully solved it. Perhaps they could write step by step instructions... it seems to be happening very often. It would be easier on them if users could solve this on their own.
  2. ​You don't have to, just get rid of a habit to press enter twice for new paragraph and you're good to go. Example line, only one enter. ​I moved my site to 4.0.1 last week and IPS stuff did it for me, no questions asked. And they did it quickly, I am really impressed by the quality of support.
  3. Big thank you to the support team, they are great. An upgrade I requested was finished quickly, some problems that occurred during the process were also fixed immediately... the best support!
  4. Yes, it is intentional: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/407509-forum-post-numbering/ You can still share post location using share icon in upper right corner of every post.
  5. 7a broke templates on my test installation. Popups are not shown, lists are broken (2nd screenshot), top menu shows up but stays active until I go to another page (1st screenshot)... waiting for RC8 or final to upgrade my live site. Search is still not working at all, I have a ticket opened and it is being reviewed...
  6. Did anyone try to setup Sphinx with RC7, is it working now?
  7. You either have really slow server or really large website, my background tasks were finished in ~5 hours for ~123.000 posts on VPS.
  8. Search results on my site (RC6) are always empty. All background processes are finished, I even tried rebuilding search index, nothing helps. Any advice on how to trigger building a search index?
  9. ​Good news, I support the idea of two versions. My community will probably use basic version (we simply don't need anything more advanced), but I will happily donate a few bucks. As for the question... under the heading, definitely, my users wouldn't like the idea of having to switch to a new page to use Shoutbox. It is a kind of a "resting place" to casually drop a few lines of text, and it's visible on every page in forum app.
  10. Oh, I see... I just kept en_US as a locale on MAMP for the same reason, now there are two US flags for two completely different languages on my installation.
  11. "locale" is not the name of the language ("greek"), it's some kind of shortcut for the language, in your case it should be locale="el_GR" (Ελληνικά_Greece) or maybe just locale="el". "language name" can be whatever you want, but "locale" must be correct. For example, Serbian is "sr_RS", English is "en_US" or "en_UK"... so, I guess you should just put "el_GR" instead of "greek".
  12. Are you sure it has been removed? I could swear that I saw that option while browsing ACP yesterday... unfortunately, I can't access my localhost installation at the moment due to hard drive failure, so I can't be sure, maybe my brain is playing games with me.
  13. Topics you have posted in have a star in topic view. This one is greyed out because I have read all the posts in the topic, if there were new unread posts it would be in full color. I think there is no way to see them listed in activity the way you want. Personally, I don't see the point in showing them in activity if they are already visible in topic view.
  14. I can report that I have the same problem (sort of) on my localhost installation updated from 3.4.6 to RC3-RC4-RC5. It is only visible when visiting forums home page, it sometimes takes >20 seconds to load when I am logged in. If I log out, it loads as fast as any other local link. I've had this problem since the first time I updated my local installation, but never thought that being constantly logged in could be the cause...
  15. There are no posts in Feedback and Ideas, but it doesn't mean there are no posts in its subforums... makes sense. But I agree that it can create confusion for some members. Perhaps it would be better to keep things the way they worked in 3.x in this case.
  16. Some test text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOVFvcNfvE Some additional test text... @ram108 Yes, with space it makes a link, and with ENTER it makes a video. That's how it works, it must be in its own line with no other content.
  17. Count me in when you have anything usable.
  18. ​It seems to me that people easily overlook the fact that 4.0 was made from scratch, and that nothing was "added to" or "removed from" 3.x, because everything is brand new.
  19. It works perfectly fine on this site, and on my test site. You just paste the address in its own line and everything is fine. Some line of text [ENTER] Youtube video address [ENTER] Video is automatically recognized and shown. In 3.4.7 it doesn't work when you use Share option from Youtube site which includes starting time (h**p://someyoutubelink/somecode?t=4s​), but in 4.0 it works every time for me.
  20. I don't think so. Or at least I didn't find the way to do that... there is no option in ACP.
  21. You can have both, "Latest Topics" and "Customizable Posts Feed". They are both shown correctly on my test site.
  22. Add -TESTINSTALL at the end of license number so it becomes XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-TESTINSTALL (if I understood correctly and you have one "live" instance already running)
  23. They must still be on RC1 because the bug was solved in RC2...
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