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Move IPS 4 Beta 6 from one server to another - Problems


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So, i was testing moving the Beta 6 from my VPS to another VPS i have. Everything went fine, but all the link in the Beta 6 on the new VPS have the old domain.

I have changed all the values in the conf_global.php to the new IP.

So, if it comes the time where we need to change fro ma server to another one, or if we just want to change the Domain of our site, how can we do it?


In IPB 3.4.x we just need to change it in the conf_global and it will work.

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Yes the file storage settings store the URL separately from conf_global.

@Matt Can explain it and perhaps provide some instructions better than I can.

We will have a little tool script you can use with the final release to make this kind of thing easier to quickly update :)

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