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Max number of member groups and forums

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I'm going to use the IPS4 forums app as a support forum for groups of members. I want to group my members into around 1,000 groups each with a support forum. When the member logs into the site, I want them to see just a single support forum and never see any of the other support forums.

Can IPS4 handle this many user groups and forums without slowing down?

In reality, the site will only have 50 or 60 groups each with a support forum initially, but if, by some miracle, the site catches on (and goes world-wide) and I need to support up to 1,000 groups, will my site gradually slow down because IPS4 isn't implemented efficiently for 1,000 groups?

I can implement the site using some other app or addon for the support forum area, but it would be easiest to just use IPS4 forums app out of the box for this use case.


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