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Switching to different domain


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Hello there everyone, I am here on behalf of a friend of mine who just recently purchased the IPBoard software.


When he purchased the forum software he was doing it under a temporary sub-domain which is being provided to us by NFO servers. We were using that temporarily until we decided on a domain name to clear. So now we have the new domain name and transferred the DNS over to our host (NFO Servers). We have two domains pointing to the same /public folder where the ipboard files are (http://rustafied.hosted.nfoservers.com/ and http://rustaforums.com)


My question is how do we change the primary domain from http://rustafied.hosted.nfoservers.com/ to http://rustaforums.com and if we swapped those links would we still have all the content which was added (posts) since it is pointing to a new url?

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The customer (your friend) is able to reset the URL in the Client Area.
Remove the licensekey from the Installationen and refresh it and you are done. No Content will be lost.

If this is the first change and last change (for 6 Monaths), this is not a problem. There are restrictions in changeing URLs (you are not able to change this again in the first 30 days and there is a fee, if you want to do it again in the next 6 months - if this is the case, you should file in a ticket, like @Rhett said)

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