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On the page that takes you to, it would be nicer if the various headings on the left of that page stand out more, compared with the sections under them.

Also it would be nice if we could set individual defaults for which one of them is selected by default. I guess for it being called my activity, it's best to have it showing activity, but all I know is I miss having it default to topics.

Also, even with topics there, I still miss it being the 3.x way, where you can see all topics you've posted in and quickly get to your last read post in those, not just the ones you started. If "posts" was displayed a bit differently, that could be the same as the way I liked. Just needs a quick link to first unread.

Edit: Oops, on that last part I see we can indeed use "Posts" that way. I didn't notice the topic title and star up there. So I guess I just wish posts could be default and possibly look a bit differently.

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Bump. Most people are going to be using that link to see post histories, and you have to go through a long column to find where in the world topics and posts are and click them to get to it. It should either stand out quicker or have forums automatically at the top, regardless of app ordering, in my opinion.

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