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URL Redirection Help

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Not sure if this is in the correct category but here goes. I'm looking for support on shortening my URLs just like the IP modules.

But I want the URLs to mirror not just a simple redirect. For example:

{board_url}/gallery MIRRORS {board_url}/index.php?app=gallery

I want to add my own for custom apps:

{board_url}/upload MIRRORS {board_url}/index.php?app=upload

One for the messaging system:

{board_url}/messages MIRRORS {board_url}/index.php?app=members&module=messaging

And others for forum url masking:

{board_url}/news MIRRORS {board_url}/forum/1-news-and-info

Also while I'm on the subject is it possible to have a redirect for viewing your own profile such as:

{board_url}/profile REDIRECTS {board_url}/user/1-alex

Maybe a simple php code to help with the profile redirection?

<?php require_once( '../forum/initdata.php' );
                             require_once( '../forum/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php' );
                             $registry = ipsRegistry::instance();
                             $member = $registry->member()->fetchMemberData();
if ( $member['member_id'] )
else {
echo "Your not logged in!";
}         ?>

I've tried playing about with .htaccess but not getting very far :tongue: Anyone got any suggestions? Any comments please let me know!

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