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  1. I'm sure if it's a privacy issue then the developers wouldn't have engineered the field to be stored as raw text in the database. Any community that use email address verification builds a database of information that is accessible by any capable community administrator. It would be very stupid to ask how to download my customer's information if it were encrypted and not in plain site when using phpmyadmin. I was asking a simple question to download this information from within the community admin panel to save time extracting data from phpmyadmin. I just hope that wasn't an accusa
  2. Hey @Nathan Explosion, Thanks for your concern. The customer data is for a Paid Club in which members agree to the terms. I'm hoping Zapier intergration is released for selfhosting communities soon. I could then use WhatApp's APIs...
  3. Hi @Morrigan, My bad, I was meant to ask about downloading Customer Fields not Profile Fields. I can see the Profile Fields at the end of the export options list, but I don't see the ability to download customer data. By default, a phone number is asked for by the store. I didn't think I'd come across this problem so I left it that way, but I now want to invite our customers to a WhatsApp group so I need to download phone numbers in bulk. The only option I have is to disable "Phone Number" in Commerce > Customers > Customer Fields and add "Phone Number" to Members > Mem
  4. Is it possible to include custom fields when trying to download member data here: https://YOURDOMAIN/admin/?app=core&module=members&controller=members&do=export If not can this be requested as a feature 🥰
  5. The web hosting and domain management features of Commerce are also deprecated as is BBCode. Could you provide more information on this as it's still a feature we use? Although we have thought of migrating to WHMCS in the past, the thought of the new Zapier integration would make it interesting. I'm not evening going to ask about release dates for Zapier in the on-premise version, as I am still embracing the 4.5 release 🙂 14 years since I bought my first license, I was only 14 years old myself. Great to see what it is today, Invision Power Board would be so proud. 🤣
  6. A11y

    Musicbox (Support)

    Ah my bad. I was reading the features on your first post not on the Marketplace. Quick reply too
  7. A11y

    Musicbox (Support)

    Congratulations this is a great app, this is exactly what I am looking for! I think this will help my community but I will also require ability to purchase tracks to attract artists to sign up. Also if there is currently no ability to purchase directly using Commerce, a link to a record company e.g iTunes would be great. (take a look at this https://members.cdbaby.com/digital-distribution) Thanks and keep up the good work.
  8. ​ ​Could you please send me a link to this addon? Thanks, Alex
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