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Price discrepancy


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When I was in the Client Area I noticed that chat is listed as the following:

You do not currently have an IP.Chat plan

  • No IP.Chat

  • 20 Users $10/yr

  • 50 Users $15/yr

  • 250 Users $40/yr

However your website lists those as the 6 month price. Just thought I'd let you know. Hoping the cheaper price is really the correct one.

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The price listed is for 6 months, as other pages say.

But can you please PM me the exact URL on which you're seeing those incorrect prices? (Place the URL in a code box so it doesn't get shortened, please.)

I just visited my own Client Area and the pricing is correct.

I suspect this may be happening only if you don't have the free Chat already, which I do, but I'll alert the developer about the issue.

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