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Renewing License


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Just to say thanks and great support from IPB yet again

My company credit card got lost - no problem so cancelled and ordered a new one

This was a 5-7 day delivery for the new card

I then get an email from IPB - My auto renewal hadn't gone though (forgot about this and obviously my card was cancelled)

So i opened a support ticket and explained my problem and as soon as i got the new card through the mail I would enter the details

Pretty sure if my license expires it costs more so i opened a support ticket with customer services

So thanks to IPB (Rhett) for saying no problem we can extend it for a few days if your card is late just keep us informed

My card did fortunately come through in time so i renewed in time but lovely to know how good they are at IPB

Compared to other places that are completely anal with dates (not just forum software) this just goes to show how they do read the support ticket and reply with care and give proper support - so many companies could learn a lot from this

Just my take on my last ticket and payment problems

Thanks IPB

Great software and Great Customer Support

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