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Issue about the current download system


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Hello there!

I'm writing because I have a suggestion here.

I have developed an application (of course, I'm not going to say which one, I'm not here to do an ad campaign ) and this is the issue.

With your current comment system, comments are added one after another on the element's page. Which is fine... for images, or albums.

But I think this is a terrible thing for apps, since they can be updated. In my opinion, the download system must be done like Apple's appstore or Google's playstore, with comments related to a single version of the app, not the app as a whole. So you could never understand which version members are commenting about, and that's not very helpful for other members willing to get the app.

In my case, the very first version of this app was really really awful - I admit it... bad text, bad graphics, lot of bugs - so I got negative comments. I worked hard and created a 2.0 version that was completely different from v 1.0, and those who bought it all said it was a wonderful app.

I accept negative comments, as long as they refer to the current version. But I personally don't like people saying to me that they are not sure of getting the app because they've read the first bad comments, which, as I said before, were posted for a very old version, and watching the demo is not that helpful for them. Members also keep asking about bugs, bad text and skin issues, which they have read about on the first comments. All things that were fixed nearly one year ago.

Well, hope you'll take this in consideration, as it may bring several other developers down.

Thank you! :smile:

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