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PM Auto Delete Function --- How To Un-Do?


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Hi , I work as a Global Moderator for www.gagadaily.com, on IPBoard services.

I had a full Pm box of 50 messages.

Someone managed to send me a new one and it caused 25 of my messages to be deleted.

I want those messages restored, surely they must exist in the inboxes of people who sent them.

Does anyone know how to do that, or can they point me in the right direction?

My Admin has already tried contacting IPB but he said they don't keep backups.
I don't need a backup, I need the hidden content in AdminCP (ie. my Pms the system deleted) to be restored to view through our own AdminCP.

Hoping you can help!

I've attached a screenshot of how they LOOKED BEFORE


and how they looked AFTER:


If anyone can shed any light on this i would be so grateful as I need those messages back.

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The license holder for your forum will need to login and ask this question in an appropriate support area, or file a ticket with Support and we can assist.

They can also add you as an Alternate Contact so that you can file a support ticket on their behalf.

However, as this is not a Pre-Sales question, the topic will need to be closed.

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