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  1. I would love to see an HTML editor re-enabled in posts that allows me to add and embed Media tags the way I used to, especially for SoundCloud links, Vine links, and Instagram links.
  2. ​argh that means instagram, twitter, and SoundCloud links will no longer properly embed in the thread... arrrggghhh why remove all these vital features, IPS...
  3. ​now that we are on Version 4, can that action he chose be undone or is it completely permanent? Is there a way the Version 3 of a site could still be viewed to see one's friends' list?
  4. ​Maybe you should create a Contacts feature that people could use as a way to keep an address book of sorts.
  5. ​ Reponse to point 1. Not pointless. There are over 22,000 active members on our forum, and my handpicked selections of people and usernames kept my contacts at a glance like an address book in alphabetical order. Now that my admin has removed them before I had the chance to write them all down, I am sh*t out of luck, as they say, and am forced to go by memory of approximately 200+ contacts I needed for my work. Response to point 2. I may decide to befriend a contact to be able to find them again when I need to contact them, but I don't need to see a daily update of everything they did. There absolutely should be a Friends list and Follow Selected Friends' Activities option when you are dealing with a site with many members. Response to point 3. No offense at all to you intended, but sometimes it's best not to try to reinvent the wheel and keep it simple. As a user and a moderator, I can sure use a list of people I want to have a connection with in some way, and if I want to follow the content of some of them, I should be able to choose whose content I want to follow. There should be a separate page where I can see all their feeds if I feel so inclined. I guess, you would have to define "useful" a little more, haha!
  6. ​​I'll give you one right now, I'm a media archivist in my forum, and each post represents a different set of content. Having the posts numbered GREATLY helps to keep track of what has and hasn't been downloaded, through an easily to remember visual check of the post number.
  7. ​Hello sir, sorry for being so reactionary in my first post... I will be compiling a full list of vital features I used in my day to day work on the version 3 system that I would deeply love to see returned on version 4.
  8. This forum is for IPS customers.

  9. @Kirill do you still have the ability to view friends attached to accounts?
  10. THIS. And also , we all need to complain to the powers that be around here to allow users the options to re-instate valuable features we needed/used/loved in 3.0. Forget this whole "adapt" / "live with it" / "get over losing it" mentality --- Invision Power Services is just that -- providing a SERVICE -- that we as the consumers should demand the control over. You are here to serve us, don't force us to accept the removal of services we pay for and need to operate our websites. We have the money that pays YOU, so we deserve the OPTION of customisability and the CHOICE of which features should stay or go.
  11. I also miss the ability to check mark (and then decide what to do with) threads in sections, any way to turn it back on?
  12. ​Just curious if you know where on the boards here we can request modifications to be made to existing themes such as this new version 4.
  13. Hi , I work as a Global Moderator for www.gagadaily.com, on IPBoard services. I had a full Pm box of 50 messages. Someone managed to send me a new one and it caused 25 of my messages to be deleted. I want those messages restored, surely they must exist in the inboxes of people who sent them. Does anyone know how to do that, or can they point me in the right direction? My Admin has already tried contacting IPB but he said they don't keep backups. I don't need a backup, I need the hidden content in AdminCP (ie. my Pms the system deleted) to be restored to view through our own AdminCP. Hoping you can help! I've attached a screenshot of how they LOOKED BEFORE and how they looked AFTER: If anyone can shed any light on this i would be so grateful as I need those messages back.
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