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I don't know if this has been mentioned before (search didn't bring me an result), it would be nice to offer Contributors a free of charge license of all IPS Apps for development and demonstration reasons. Bind some rules to it (like only free apps in marketplace by this user [or 75% free, 25% paid]). In my case i would have to pay nearly 300$ to provide a demo link. I could not use one of my other licenses since they are used on other communities and other purposes. And all my modifications are free and will be free in the future.

I think more support for the contributor community would be important, the more extensions/apps/etc are available, the more interresting is the software for new customers.

I've read about a "certified developer" program in an other topic, perhabs something like this has bin considered already and if yes, i hope the certification will not cost to much or in best case it will be free.

The Contributors are the key to your next sold license. (My opinion)

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If I want to make an iPhone application, Apple doesn't give me a free iPhone (or even a free SDK).

If I want to make a Windows application, Microsoft doesn't give me a free copy of Windows.

If I want to build custom rims for a Honda Civic, Honda doesn't give me a free car.


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