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It would be really great to have a post edit history to look at. On a community forum people post things and then edit them and then sometimes this makes for issues as they may have edited some just so they can say that they did not do something, when in fact they did. Having the edit history is a great option and I am surprised that having just migrated from Vb 3.7, which had it why back then, that IP.Board does not have such a thing.

I see that their was a plugin for it, but it has not been touched from ver 3.2. Thus the problems with needing to rely on plugins for features that should just be their.

Thank you

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WOW...I did a search for POST HISTORY and it found nothing. So I made the post.

WOW...I say it again...WOW. :smile:

(Even more so seeing that thread was started in Sept 2011!!! and it stil is not in the software.)

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