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IPS 4.0 feature request: Joinable Secondary Groups


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I'd like to request an option to make secondary groups "joinable" by members. This is a feature I used often on vBulletin, and found it extremely helpful in targeting content based on member interest. It's especially useful for sites that have a large number of special interest sections.

The current secondary groups (already built into IPS) would work perfectly for this. We'd only need an option for users to click a button and join (or unjoin), rather than have the admin add them by hand through the admincp. It would also be helpful if members could manage their secondary group memberships in their control panel.

Here's how it works: Let's say I run a site for writers. In addition to the general writing content I have three specialty sections; Sci-fi writers, Romance writers, and Nonfiction. If someone is a member of the sci-fi group, I can use a conditional to serve sci-fi targeted ads in the general forums in addition to the sci-fi forums. I can also post special notices (such as events, chats, etc) that are relevant only to that group. The other groups (romance and nonfiction) wouldn't see these notices because they weren't relevant to their group.

By requiring members to join the secondary group (in each section) before posting, I can better track memberships, interest levels per group, and display target content based on group choices. You could also allow users to join a group to receive targeted newsletters or mailings.

Before anyone says it, I'm aware of RSyvarth's Social Groups, use it on one of my sites, and think it's a great app. However, in this case I'm looking for something far more simple -- a way to target content across my site for according to user interest. I think joinable secondary groups would be a great way to accomplish this, and would love to see it included in 4.0.

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