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Let members see their own hidden/unapproved content


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TSIA, but will explain in case it doesn't.

Member makes a topic/post that requires approval for whatever reason, let that member see it. Same with replies to a topic or comments to a blog entry or file download, etc. Also for hidden content by them.

I'm thinking, per member group, global settings so it's consistent throughout the community. Lowest option is that it remains as it is now where they can't see it. Next level is unapproved (queued) content, followed by unapproved + hidden content. Perhaps one more where it's all of their own content (unapproved + hidden + deleted).

Of course, there should be a 'label' associated with it so they know what the status is. ie, they know if it's pending approval -vs- being hidden from via -vs- deleted.

As a side addition, make it easily possible for a 3rd party developer to add to this. What I'm thinking is that a 3rd party develop could add the ability for a member to see ALL queued posts in topics they started (as an example). Sort of like being a moderator of their own topic. Don't believe this function should be a core feature, just the ability to add it without ripping the code apart to do it.

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