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Using this topic as a reminder of something I've thought about...


Since IPB3 has a built in notification system for things such as new topics, replies to topics, etc, and the backend has the option to notify for new registrations.. Why not sort of combine the two concepts together?

As it is now, in order to get new registration notifications, you have to enable the feature and somehow get emails that are sent to the community's incoming email address. Spammer registers and gets hold of that email address, they can add it to a spam list and suddenly that admin will start getting tons of crap. Not only that but if there are some admins who are responsible for managing new members, you then have to deal with making sure they get all new member notifications, which is an extra step to take.

So I was thinking, from within the ACP, let an admin be able to optionally get notified of new members to the email address of their account, rather than the community's incoming email address. If two or three admins select this option, send it to those three email addresses. It all gets handled in-house so it's more self handled. Not only that, but obviously if someone is removed as an admin or if a particular admin no longer wants to get the notifications, a site admin wouldn't need to go through the extra effort of removing that person from any sort of a forwarder to remove them from a list. It would be automated. Obviously, they would need to have access to edit members, so someone can't opt to get notified if they don't have any reason to 'need to know'.

It's already possible for moderators to be notified of new reports (reported posts, etc) by choice, why not when someone joins?

Was also thinking that this idea could be carried over into Nexus, where someone could actively subscribe to receive certain information. New purchases (all or on select items), etc. Not as it is now, where it's to a set email, but on a per-admin basis.

Another thing I was thinking about was the default notifications. Similar to subscribing to all forums, what about letting an admin select which forum new members are automatically subscribed to, but in a way where those new members can selectively unsubscribe from? Admin might want to auto-subscribe everyone to an announcements forum for example, so that announcements made get sent to everyone, unless they opt out of it. To prevent abuse, I'm thinking it should be limited to only one forum of the admins choice, that way it can help promote members to return when they see activity, but not get so many emails that people would complain. A link should be available so that if someone doesn't want to get that sort of an email anymore, they can unsubscribe from that particular forum without unsubscribing from all emails.

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