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  1. It looks like it works out of the box as I tested it out with a product on my site and it works fine. Just wanted to let you know.
  2. Does this work with Commerce like Points Economy does? If not that functionality should be added. I want people to be able to purchase items from Commerce using Basic Points instead of Points Economy. EDIT: Also, how do I give myself points & I don't see the option (like shown in your screenshots) to give someone an extra 100 points (or take away 100 points) on each post they have? http://developerpad.com is my URL just in case you need it.
  3. Thanks! I decided to do the latter. I didn't realize it was on my end that the max upload size was so small. I'll update that later. Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to update the plugin and it keeps saying the file must be smaller than 2MB. I downloaded "n2a-3.2.2.zip" and I tried to "upload new version" as well as "install" after uninstalling the previous version.
  5. Thanks. I thought I submitted it at 11am not pm. My bad. :/
  6. If only this happened on all of the tickets. Most of my tickets take days to get a "we are working on this" response and therefore days for an answer. I'm glad you were able to get good service but the service I've had thus far has been sub-par. That is with years of having my IPB License. This is with submitting tickets on weekdays, in the morning (10am EST). By weekdays I mean M-TH. I understand if I put a ticket in on Friday I may not get a response but the last ticket I put in was Friday morning (11am EST) and still hasn't had even 1 response. I know they have few people working
  7. This would be an awesome idea. I can't help but if you figure it out and it isn't on here. Let me know.
  8. What is the difference between this and the built-in 2FA? I haven't tried either as of yet.
  9. I've looked through the whole topic at least twice but I can't find out why the descriptions for the sections on my forum are not hiding. I remember you posting on here something about it being a JavaScript issue but I just cannot for the life of me find that post. I don't even see a setting in the files or in the hook where I can set them to show all of the time versus hiding. Happened one time when editing the settings in the hook where they showed and didn't disappear and now it happens all of the time. Help? Forum isn't online but - http://helpmecode.club/
  10. Is there a way to mass add support topics without having to delete and re-add the tutorials?
  11. ​Tutorial is approved automatically. I have permissions to post everywhere... so, yes, I just double checked the permissions to make sure.
  12. I've got this installed and I'm adding tutorials. I have it set up so that "Support Topics" are enabled and they are created in the correct forum. After I post the tutorial though, the support topics are not posting... Why is this? Do I HAVE TO have a prefix/suffix? Cause right now I don't have either. Help? My board is offline but it is - http://helpmecode.club/
  13. I find this ridiculous that this notice is going to appear. I don't want to be "forced" to renew my license. I login to my ACP regularly yet, I am punished because there are some of you that don't? Seriously? If I upgrade to 4, I'm going to have to dismiss this notice practically every time I visit my website. Is this notice going to be mobile friendly? If so, then it will be 10x more annoying. I login to my website regularly for now but once the college semester starts (next week) I'll be visiting less frequently (once a week, once every 2 weeks) so, yes, I will have to dismiss this notice pr
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