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Suggestion: Ability to delete files and items listed in the "Applications Not Installed" list.


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Hi there,

I dont know if this is possible or not, but I have a suggestion for a tweak to the "Applications Not Installed" list which appears on the "Other Apps" page.

At the moment, on the right hand side of the screen, there's a sidebar box which lists applications that are not yet installed (shocker!) along with a button for installing the item. It would be great if there could also be a button (or buttons) to allow us to remove that Applications files from the server and/or remove that entry from the list.

I'm not very technically proficient and I don't make a habit of writing down the files I upload to my server with each mod, so I've no idea what files I need to delete for each mod in that list to make sure they are deleted accordingly. Hence having a delete files and/or delete entry button would be fab.

That's my suggestion anyways. I hope it's useful to you. :)

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I can see the value of this, and the risks, but if you really just want to get those applications uninstalled, you can find out which files belong to them by downloading the mod again from the marketplace. Just download it, unzip the archive, and go down the list of files to see which ones you need to delete via FTP.

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