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Suggestion: More Mandrill tag utilization


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I love that Invision has added such simple Mandrill integration to their suite. One suggestion I have is to extend the use of tags to the built-in non-bulk e-mailing when using Mandrill for all mails. I'd love to have a "Registration", "Password change", "Digest", "Notification", etc. set of tags automatically added. Maybe use the custom SMTP "X-MC-Tags" header and just add them to all outgoing mails without worrying about whether you're using Mandrill or not?

Also, it would be great if we had a simple way to temporarily disable ALL e-mails to an outdated address (something that is bouncing in Mandrill) and ask that user to update their address next time they log into the board. This would help with Mandrill reputation issues, allowing us to catch the problem on the first send, and then not keep getting rejected on every subsequent send.

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