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MySQL 5.6

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Noticed today that MySQL v5.6 is now out as a General Availability (GA) release. Just wondering if IPB should be fully compatible with this release and if anyone has had any success / failures upgrading to this version of MySQL?

I've been using 5.6.9 (rc) with IPB 3.4.2 and still have no problem with anything so far (only with existing IPB bugs :sad:, which not specific to MySQL version).

It should work, the main thing I see is the search engine will not make use of the new INNODB index abilities... the rest, I couldn't see there being issue on, and generally sphinx is preferred for that anyway..

Yes, that full text index should be fixed. It was one reason I upgraded then I found out that IPB did not realize that INNODB in 5.6 can have fulltext index >_< . However, it will work the way it worked in 5.5.

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