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Hi All

Anyone is aware of a tool to help translate post without leaving the community. I'm looking at a solution where a user could define it's native language in it's profile and any post written in a different language will be translate.

When we post, we could specify it the post in our native language or not.

Reason I ask, is because i have members coming from different part of the world who write stuff in their own language as blog articles and we have other member that want to read it.

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I see the mod you're talking about... It uses the Google Translate API and intercepts the parsed text and runs it through the translator...

The Google Translate API is not free, though...

You might post this up in the modification request forum and see if a 3rd party dev wants to take this on.

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Ok Thank's good idea

My best wishes, have something native build in the community ;-) So we can have better control over the translation. each community has it own vocabulary. maybe have the translation dictionnaire locate on the user machine to avoid taxing the server....

Anyway I will post in the mod request and see where this goes

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You seem to assume two things:

  • The translation will be near-perfect. (It will not)
  • That your foreign members will be fine with your forum software automatically translating their content

Instead you should say one of these things:
  • Hey look, this is a international community, so you should all write in english
  • Refer members that want to read the content to Google Translate

I would go for the second one.
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Thank you Sjv and TSP for the feedback, but i have a different vision.

First, no i do not assume translation will be perfect. I had to act as a translator for my company needs. So i understand the process of translating stuff.

Most people are afraid of translation tool because of Google translation and also because they do not know that each community as it's own vocabulary/dictionary. Meaning if you're an engineer, (mechanical, aircraft, petrochemical etc..), if your are a doctor, if you're a writer etc all those community have their own language/words. This is what we call the context.

Another reason why people think translation is not good, is because most translator translate the words of a message and not the idea of the message.

As for being a international community, i believe each of us should be able to express in it's natural language, because of the "subtility" we can find in each language. Having and international community simplify to a common denominator that does not sound like international to me. But i understand as of today this is what we have best until we can educate the whole planet and have the proper tool to communicate.

Also i was not looking at using Google translation in specific that was an example, i was more looking at a tool that will allow me to create a base dictionary to help translate the specific context of my community.

However I understand that as of today, if we want fast translation Google translator is kind of the first place people will turn to. But people forget that their is far better solution and the basic concept of translation is easy to implement.

Example if we can have a community dictionary that can be download and synchronize locally, we can control the translation and make it more efficient. Local PC resource will be put to use to avoid overcharge the server and overtime the translation will be much better and closer to be perfect. Not that it will but it will be near. I my case i already have a couple of document ( 1000's HTML pages) that can be serve to start educating a translation tool.

OK I think i get too technical, hope you understand my point of view

Here a simple example, if IPS could team up with them that would be a giant leap forward....Aiwa please make this possible for version 4.0 :smile:


The tool

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