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I Love it!


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It was easy enough to install for some who knows how to use cpanel and has a basic understanding of these type of installations. I have worked with one hosted brand, one open source, played with a few more open sources and have a copy of another big brand at work and I can honestly say this is a joy to work with and the best to date. I think the IPS people have got the right blend of the "blog" feel along with the expected features while not opting in for gimmicky, pointless features.

It has taken me a little while to find my way around the admin control panel but it's new so that is a learning curve that isn’t too challenging. Not having any real experience with CSS, I found my way around modifying it with a little help from a forum member. I love the way you can just move the hooks around, how much simpler could you get....

It has finer details that I am discovering on the way that make you stop and think, wow that's a really nice touch.

One of the key elements that clinched the deal for me was the text editor. I thought it was the best out there. After all we run these forums for the end-user so making their experience better is really important. I can sit in the background in admin bliss but if people don't like using the forum then how successful will the forum be.

To put in a balanced point of view I would say, I have found the forum to be slightly slower in Firefox 18.0 than other browsers like chrome, IE. The only stumbling block so far is trying to get a soundcloud bbcode to work but really that is outside of what can be expected from the average bbcode.

But overall and after a couple of months testing and research, I am really excited to be working with this product and happy with my decision.

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