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Enhance automatic promotion function with reputation, likes and more


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IP.B can promote members based upon the number of days registered and the number of posts made.

Any spam bot can circumvent this by staying inactive for some time and then going on a posting spree. Such automatic promotion could also promote inactive members or members with a lot of warning points.

There are various other reasons that could be used for automatic promotion, like the number of reputation points, likes, etc.

Conversely we may not want to promote members with a certain amount of warning points, as that would reward such members.

We may also not want to promote inactive members

Please add more settings for automatic promotions, including:

- number of reputation points above/below X

- number of reputation ratings given is above/below X

- number of likes above/below X

- warning points is below / above X

- last post is at least/most X days ago.

Please also add an option to send an automatic promotion message to the member.

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To help you with the list of automatic promotions Alpha 1, here you hints my proposals:
Well actually are rather trophies or goals achieved at the site that can be good for promoting the user with x points trophies, which can cause you to have a little more freedom in the site
1. Time recorded on the site
2. Number of times a user is connected (eg 365 times)
3. For profile views
4. Customize your profile
for now I have more ideas, but it can be a long list and also depends on the website which would promote their conditions.
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I agree. I'm pretty sure something like this was used on the official Nintendo forums some time ago where you got promoted based on time online and since registered, post count, messages read and various other factors.

Likes and reputation as criteria for promotion should definitely be an option as well.

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