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Suggestion Merging topics...

Ocean West

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it seems that when you need to merge two posts its typically because a user has gone off and double posted.

What would be helpful is when your on the 'duplicate' post and merging it would be nice if there were a hit list of

all other posts by the member sorted by post time, so you can merge Topic Z back in to Topic A

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I get what you're after, but that's not always the case... And I wouldn't want to be pigeon-holed into only picking only other topics that were started by the same member...

Often, on my board, i'm merging topics that are the sames subject because the poster was too lazy to search... If you're on top of things, double posts can be handled simply by deleting the duplicate.

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I agree - that is the other issue - but requires a bit of familiarity with previous posts to get it right.

Perhaps incorporating that mod that would guess at similar topics.. and provide the moving OPTIONS:

1. As it is now Current Topic with URL to other topic.

2. Topics by Same Author / or topic by all included participants.

3. Merge with Similar topics - perhaps some method to search topics inline.

just a suggestion. ;)

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